Decision Comes Into Effect When Salary For Next Month Is Paid

Minister of Electricity, Water, Renewable Energy, Social Affairs, Labor and Community Development, Dr. Mishaan Al-Otaibi, has issued a ministerial decision to postpone the payment of installments for 6 months for recipients who receive the general social assistance. The ministerial decision issued by Al-Otaibi falls within the framework of the societal role of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the necessary procedures and measures required in light of the current circumstances and the need to take into account the status of Kuwaiti families who are recipients of public aid.

The decision added, according to a statement of the Ministry of Social Affairs, that “in line with the state’s policy to reduce the burden of citizens and their obligations, it has been decided to postpone the financial debts due and related to public aid for 6 months in appreciation of the financial conditions facing them as a result of the repercussions of the corona pandemic.” The decision says in case the recipient of the aid does not wish to opt the postponement, he should inform the concerned department with effect since the decision will come into effect when the salary for next month is paid.



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