Decision To Cut Engineers Salary Rapped

The head of the Kuwaiti Society of Engineers, Engineer Faisal Al-Atal, criticized the Civil Service Commission’s decision to cut citizens’ salaries and allowances during the corona pandemic, especially when the engineers are committed to respect the government instructions and decisions and called on HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled to stop the CSC’s tampering with the livelihood of Kuwaiti engineers.

Al-Atl said in a press statement the last thing that the CSC has done is to request the ministries to stop the site allowance for engineers who perform their work to the fullest and abide by all the administrative decisions that direct them to their various government work sites. He said this happens when the CSC approvesg allowances for other professions at the same work sites.

He pointed out that the Bureau’s violation is not only against the Cabinet’s decision not to touch the salaries and allowances of employees, but rather it contradicts its own decision it issued vide a circular mandating gradual return to work under the current circumstances. He added such decisions inflict great harm on the engineers and their families and their obligations that increase day after day in light of the living conditions. He said, “We are fully confident that HH the Prime Minister and the government will refuse to infl ict financial harm on all citizens, and particularly the engineers who are an important segment in terms of people called ‘frontline workers’.



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