‘Declare Assets Before, After Job’

The number of financial disclosures received by the Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) from those covered by its establishment law and executive regulations since the time of its enactment to April 15, 2021 has reached 25,233, reports Al-Qabas daily. The supervisor in charge of receiving financial disclosure statements Abdul-Aziz Al-Othman said, “The decisions handed down to Nazaha include 14,641 declarations submitted for the first time by those who received leadership positions or job titles in the entities subject to the oversight of Nazaha”.

He revealed that 7,520 of the officials updated their financial disclosure statements, and 3,072 supervisors and leaders in the country submitted the final declarations. Al-Othman affirmed that Nazaha continues to receive financial disclosure statements including first-time declarations, updates or final declarations in accordance with the legal deadlines for them. He explained that the financial disclosure statements represent one of the basic pillars of Nazaha’s work in order to establish the principle of transparency and integrity in the state’s agencies, prevent financial corruption, and strengthen control over the public employees in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The second article of the law defined the categories that are legally obliged to declare their wealth. It includes members of all three executive, legislative and judicial authorities, starting with His Highness the Prime Minister, the National Assembly Speaker, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, and the leaders and directors of state departments.

The article also included other categories such as members of the councils of cooperative societies and sports bodies, and representatives of the state in the board of directors of companies in which the state owns no less than 25 percent of the capital. The regulations indicate that there are three types of financial disclosure declarations submitted by an employee during his work period, when he assumes the position and when he vacates it.

The first declaration has to be submitted within sixty days from the date of his assumption of office, the second within sixty days after every three years as long as he is in his position, and then the final declaration shall be submitted within 90 days after vacating the position. In this regard, there are three punishable instances.

The first one is related to delay or failure to submit the financial disclosure statement within the due date. The second is if the subject submits the financial disclosure statement incomplete or incorrect and has knowledge about it. The third instance is the failure to submit a declaration on behalf of a person who is a guardian, trustee, or custodian of them, despite his warning.



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