Delta Variant (Indian Strain) Of Covid Reported In Kuwait

Official Spokesman of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad announced on Monday that it was confirmed that a number of persons contracted the Indian strain, also known as the Delta variant, in the country.

Dr. Al-Sanad said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the MoH is conducting genetic examinations for the virus on regular basis to study patterns of the strains’ spread in the State of Kuwait and coordinate with states of the world for combating the virus.

The Delta strain has been detected in more than 62 countries throughout the world.

Simultaneously with the emergence of new strains of the coronavirus in some countries, the Kuwaiti MoH has scrambled into taking a chain of precautionary measures, such as genetic planning by specialized technical teams to contain the pathogen, Dr. Al-Sanad added in the remarks to KUNA.

He renewed the call upon citizens and residents to take the standard precautions to cope with various forms of the virus mutations, noting that the precautions must be, now, intensive and continuing, namely taking the vaccines, wearing the masks, maintaining social distancing, cleansing the hands and avoiding gatherings.



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