Dispute Leads To Shooting At House

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department are looking for an unidentified person for allegedly shooting at the house of his relative because of an earlier dispute with him, reports Al-Rai daily. A complaint has been filed with the Saad Al-Abdullah Police Station. In his complaint the victim said he was in a room in his house overlooking the main road and he ducked for cover when he heard gunshots. He added the bullets shattered the window pane. According to the security source the complainant told police he saw a car pull over, shoot at the house and drive off abruptly. When he checked the CCTV cameras, it became clear that the one who fired at the house was the person who had quarreled with him earlier. Based on the statement given by the Kuwaiti, a case of attempted murder has been filed against the suspect.

In another incident, a case of exchange of beatings and insults has been filed against an Egyptian woman and another person living in the same building, reports Al-Rai daily. Meanwhile, in another development, police are looking for an unidentified person for breaking into the car of a company representative and stealing a bag containing documents and a sum of money belonging to the company. In yet another incident, a traffic dispute resulted in a quarrel between two Kuwaitis and both ended assaulting each other. Both men have filed complaints against each other at the area police station.




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