Domestic Workers’ Offices To Be Prosecuted For Failing To Adhere To Domestic Workers Recruitment Fees

On the heels of the recent government decision to allow the domestic workers to return, the Minister of Commerce, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman noted the ministry’s role is to monitor the extent the domestic workers recruitment offices commitment to the decided fees based on the country, and the gender of the domestic worker, Al Rai daily reported.

In response to a question by MP Ahmed Al-Hamad, Al-Salman said, “The Ministry of Trade was the one who set the prices for the recruitment of domestic workers based on the recommendations of an advisory committee.”

The recruitment prices were decided based on the country of the domestic worker, which are as follows.

Philippines – KD390, India – KD200 for females and KD100 for men, Sri Lanka – KD240 for females and KD180 for males, Ethiopia – KD145 for females and men, and Bangladesh – KD196 For both sexes and Senegal – KD 480 for men and women.

He stressed that these prices take into account the official fees and expenses only decided by each country from where the recruitment of the domestic worker was facilitated. These prices do not include the commissions marked for the offices and intermediaries in those countries, and also do not include the expenses of labor recruitment offices in Kuwait and their profit margin.

Al-Salman mentioned that “monitoring the employment of domestic workers with Kuwaiti families is the prerogative of the Public Authority for Manpower, and the Ministry receives all consumer complaints. In the event that any domestic labor recruitment office is found to have not complied with the prices set by the ministry after an inspection has been conducted, a violation will be registered against them, and they shall be referred to the Prosecution department.”

Al-Salman emphasized that, “according to the Ministerial Decree No. 33/2021 issued on 1/2/2021, the ministry reduced the prices of the domestic worker recruitment service through the office after adopting the Belsalamah platform and sets the price of domestic labor recruitment at KD890 through the office and KD390 if the domestic workers are hired directly by the Kuwaiti employer.



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