‘Don’t Fall Prey To Anonymous Calls’

Banks have warned all customers against falling prey to anonymous calls that request for information about bank accounts under the pretext of postponing loan installments in an effort to defraud them. The sources stressed that banks will not call or send messages to their clients asking them for data about their accounts, and that clients wishing to ask such information must either visit the official websites of the banks or call the banks’ call centers.

Following the banks facing a massive backlash from their customers for the delay in implementing the order for the postponement of loan installments after it was officially gazetted, most of the banks have completed the registration of about 50 percent of their customers who seek the postponement of their loans, reports Al-Rai daily. The increase in the numbers reflects the collective desire of borrowers among the citizens, who are about 471,000 in number, to benefit from the decision to postpone payment of their loan installments for a period of six months.

Since the April’s salary will soon be deposited into their accounts, they are keen to complete the postponement process before the deposit is made and the installment for the current month is deducted. According to informed sources, the value of citizens’ personal and consumer loans is estimated at KD 14.75 billion, which constitutes about 85 percent of the total loan portfolio of Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis.



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