Dr Khader Baroun: Weak Faith in Religion Tend to End Their Lives

The increasing number of people committing suicide has reached an alarming rate. Yesterday, three people are said to have committed suicide which is likely that it is a result of various implications of the emerging coronavirus, according to what a psychologist told. The people who ended their lives are two Indians and a Nepali.

One of the Indians hanged himself inside a stable in Ahmadi and the second jumped to his death from a tower in Salhiya, while the Nepali hanged himself after tying a rope around his neck and tying it to tache fence of a field hospital at the Exhibition Grounds in Mishref.

The daily had earlier published a report about the increasing number of suicides following the spread of coronavirus saying over 21 days Kuwait had witnessed 9 suicides and four attempts to end life.

According to Professor of Psychology at Kuwait University, Dr. Khader Baroun told the daily, the situation is alarming since the coronavirus has displaced people from their work and many of them are affected by the situation.

He urged the Kuwaiti government to address this problem, through social and health offices, and to study cases of people committing suicide to prevent others from doing so.

He continued, saying people of weak faith in religion tend to end their lives, especially those who do not believe in the existence of another life and are not aware that suicide is a taboo. He stressed on the importance of not isolating people in a depressive atmosphere, and the need to communicate through modern technology and to take advantage of curfew times to benefit themselves and to relax them, which is an important and necessary requirement.


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