Dust Disrupts Ports, The Dust Wave To Continue Till Tuesday

The wave of dust that hit the country caused a lack of horizontal visibility, which led to the temporary suspension of marine navigation yesterday in the country’s ports- Shuwaikh, Shuaiba, and  Doha temporarily due to the fluctuation of weather conditions, Al Qabas daily reported.

Although, air traffic went normally without affecting the movement of incoming and outgoing aircraft from heavy dust and low horizontal visibility.

In addition, meteorologist Muhammad Karam revealed to the daily that the country is expected to be affected by the dust wave till Tuesday, provided that the gradual stabilization of the weather begins from Wednesday.

Karam added that the wind speed in the open areas reached 70 kilometers per hour, which led to a lack of horizontal visibility, noting that the cause of the dust is due to the overlap of the seasonal Indian depression with the northwestern air high.



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