Earlier Issued Visa Cancelled For Those Who Haven’t Entered

The sources at the Ministry of Interior General Administration of Residency Affairs confirmed that all kinds of visit visas are currently closed hence to obtain any kind of visit visa (Business, Tourist, Family etc) is not possible.

Currently, there is no way for them to enter Kuwait nor to renew the validity of their visa. Sources also informed that at present the visa issuing section is currently closed and no new visa will be issued until further announcement.

Amidst opening of airport for commercial flights from August 1st specially those expats returning back who have valid residence permits along with their families accompanied by infants who had acquired visit visas prior to Kuwait airspace which was shut due to preventive measures against outbreak of Coronavirus.

All visit visas, work visas, family visas granted before the airspace was shut and have not entered into Kuwait and the dates of entry have expired stands cancelled, only those who entered in Kuwait their visas were automatically renewed up-till 31st of August.

The source stated that those who had obtained new visit visa, dependent family visa, work visa etc will have to wait till the new mechanism is set.

Regarding the renewal of the residency of expatriates who are currently outside the country, the source said that the Ministry of Interior’s computer accepts the renewal of expatriates’ residencies outside the country provided that there is a valid passport. This is applicable for those working in the government sector, private sector as well as family visas or self sponsors.

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