Education Minister Approves Appointment Of 750 Teachers

The Minister of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf, approved lists of requests for appointing about 750 Kuwaiti teachers in various disciplines last week, Al Qabas reported.

Official sources told the daily that the list approved by the Minister and remained pending for more than a year due to the Corona crisis.

That there are directives to the Ministry of Education form committees to conduct interviews with candidates quickly so that the appointment procedures are completed, and the teachers could be assigned to relevant schools to fulfill the shortage of teachers.

The approved list contains names of male and female teachers in 14 majors: Psychology, Sociology, History, Sociology, Islamic Education, Geography and Physical Education, in addition to home economics, philosophy, electricity, geology, French language, biology, and science.

The applications that were pending since last year varied between new appointments and transfers from other ministries to the profession of a teacher, as well as the transfer of employees with educational university degrees from administrators to members of an educational body.



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