Education Started The PCR Examination For The Twelfth Students

The Ministry of Education put the test train on its paper track this morning, as schools designated to conduct the “PCR” examination began receiving students and conducting examinations for them.

In this context, educational sources confirmed that the number of students who were examined until mid-afternoon today exceeded 2,400 male and female students in various educational districts, explaining that the number is expected to double, as the reception period for students ends today at eight in the evening.

The sources said that it is expected to complete the examination of about 7,500 to 8,000 students during the two days designated for the examination, pointing out that the number of students who received the “Corona” vaccination exceeded 42,000 students.

They explained that the number of students in the twelfth grade is 50,000, which means that a very large percentage of them got vaccinated and the rest were examined through cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Health, whose staff made great efforts during the last period to ensure the vaccination, examination and safety of students during the holding of the tests that are launched. the day after tomorrow.


SOURCE  ;  aljarida

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