Egyptian Stabs Pregnant Wife To Death Over Her Relationship With Lover

An Egyptian engineer allegedly stabbed his pregnant wife to death after discovering her intimate affair with a lover, local media reported.

According to the Egyptian police, the suspect has voluntarily surrendered soon after committing the crime. The ‘honour crime’ took place in Damietta Governorate.

The engineer told police he killed his 25-year-old wife in revenge. “I entered our room and found her talking to someone on the phone, confessing to him that she was pregnant with his baby,” the suspect said, adding that he found some photos and videos proving his wife’s culpability. “I could not control myself, grabbed a knife and stabbed her to death, to avenge my honour.”

As soon as he committed the crime, he wrote a post on his Facebook page, saying that he just killed his wife, and that he was on the way to surrender to the police and is ready to receive any punishment, even if it is the death penalty.

The husband told police that he found WhatsApp messages on his wife’s phone, proving her illegitimate relationship with her lover. In one of the messages, the victim promised her lover that she would visit him in his apartment on the day of the crime, and that she would tell her husband that she is ill and wants to go to the doctor. She also told her lover that she is pregnant with his child and that she deliberately put sedative tablets in her husband’s food, he said.




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