Electrical Loads Continue To Rise Steadily Due To The High Temperatures

Electrical loads continue to rise steadily due to the high temperatures, which yesterday amounted to 48 degrees Celsius, raising the indicator to 14650 megawatts.

Al-Anbaa reported that this rise, although it is expected, should be taken into consideration because it indicates a gradual rise with temperatures rising in Kuwait that sometimes reach more than 52 degrees Celsius.

The sources pointed out that there is a reserve available at the ministry, and yesterday it exceeded 1,100 megawatts, but the interruptions can occur when the loads are high due to pressure on the network and on the distribution stations, which may lead to technical malfunctions that occur in any network of the world.

The sources said that the sporadic outages in some areas are due to the network loading more pressure than its size due to violations and the increase of the boost without the knowledge of the Ministry, which negatively affects the efficiency of the network.

The sources appealed to customers to rationalize, especially during peak times, and also wished that everyone who needs to strengthen the current submit a request to the Ministry to avoid violations, as well as to rehabilitate the feeding network to meet the demand.




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