EPA Committed To Relocate Old Tyres – Six Companies At Work 24/7

The Environment Public Authority (EPA) said it is fully committed to move the old and discarded vehicles tyres from the Rahiya dump to Al-Salmi where these tyres will be recycled and the area will be handed over to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW). A reliable source told the Al-Seyassah daily, six companies are working nonstop for 12 hours a day to shift the tyres.

Deputy Director for Administrative and Financial Affairs at the EAP, who was present in the area of with members of the South Saad Al-Abdullah Voluntary Project Committee, to follow up the movement of tires from Rahiya to Salmi, said companies have submitted requests to remove tyres during the curfew period and that the issue is being considered by the EPA so that necessary permits can be obtained to get the job done faster. Earlier, the EPA had issued new licenses for companies that took the initiative to remove the tyres from Rahiya and hand over the land to the PAHW to work on the South Saad Al-Abdullah Residential Project.

These licenses were issued based on the Cabinet’s directive to assign the EPA to supervise the site of used tyres Rahiya and take the necessary measures to dispose them of as soon as possible so that these tyres can be recycled and then given to factories for use for industrial purposes. It is said the area has between 30 and 50 million tyres as has been reported by the concerned authorities. The Waste Department at the Environment Public Authority stated the international ban of asbestos used in constructions roofs and pipes is due to its danger to humans. When particles of asbestos inhaled by humans the respiratory systems are affected and cause many respiratory diseases.



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