Expat Teachers In Kuwait Wish To Spend Summers In Their Home Countries

Many expat teachers in Kuwait wish to spend summer vacation in their home countries after not being able to travel for two years. Although some teachers are worried about the health situation as some are concerned that there is no guarantee for return, Al-Rai reported.

The summer vacation will begin on 17 June for the primary classes, 24 July for intermediate classes, and 1 July for secondary classes.

An official educational source confirmed to the daily that the educational zones will grant expatriate teachers exits on their last working day, as long as they are not assigned to work on the second round exams. It is up to Expat teachers whether they return or not. Government measures are not in the hands of the ministry, and no one can be sure of what health conditions.

The source indicated that the Ministry of Education asked its internal counterpart to issue temporary entry visas for stranded teachers whose residency has expired, but the date of their return has not yet been determined.

A teacher told the daily that he has received the first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine but is still not allowed to travel even for unavoidable matters. He added, “I and many of my fellow teachers, we have important dates in our country, I have an appointment for court hearings regarding a house ownership dispute. ”

KD 700 for two weeks

An expatriate teacher told that his return to Kuwait during the past year in transit cost him KD 700 adding, “I spent about 14 days in the Emirates, and it was calculated as an absence, the Human Resources Department and deducted from my monthly salary.” He appealed to the Ministry of Education to clarify the travel mechanism during the summer vacation.



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