Expats Above The Age Of 60 Whose Residence Have Expired Cannot Return Back

The Residency affairs department of the Ministry of Interior has begun to look into the expired visas of 70,000 expats while they were out of the country since corona crisis began, the decision will be taken by next week on those who deserve to return.

This study will be on the table next week which will contain several and extremely important recommendations that will determine those who deserve to return to Kuwait with their previous residencies as well as those who do not meet the conditions for return. The study will be done whose residence has expired due to the circumstances beyond their control, labor market needs if they deserve to return again.

The study will not contradict the general trend of the state’s policies aimed at modifying the demographics, but will ensure that this process is not disrupted or slowed down with the control of the labor market.

According to sources the residence of some expats have expired due to expiry of their passports while they were outside the country, they were unable to obtain new passports as the passport offices have been closed due to the Corona pandemic in their countries.

Some expats residence expired and their companies did not renew their residence online, although they have fully furnished homes and have outstanding financial dues. The study also includes Government employees, some of them with rare specialties, who have families residing in Kuwait.

Study will recommend to stop return of marginal works, those above 60 yrs of age, those whose residence is tracked back to fake companies who do not have real job.

The study include list of entry and exit of those who visit their family such as spouses, as well as their children and relatives, to determine their presence inside the country.

Many of them do not stay in Kuwait except for a few days, and leave to their homeland and enter the country before the end of 6 months, they do so just to maintain their residency, these people will not be allowed to stamp their residency again.

Those whose residence have expired and who are not allowed to return back, the Public Authority for Manpower will collect their dues from the companies whom they have been working for, and the claim for those dues will be launched through website by the authority, the process of collecting these dues will be done in a legal way.

Domestic workers

The age and the security record are the main criteria for the worker’s to return or not. If domestic worker exceeds the age of 60 he will not be required to return and the sponsor will have to replace him with another younger worker. Also those whose security record is not clean will bot be allowed.

Visit Visas for expired residences

The sources stated to Al Qabas that the expats who will be allowed to return as per the study conducted, will be issued visit visas and then visit visas will be transferred to their previous residencies. The sources stated that there are fictitious companies that deal in visa trading and residences, the Investigation of Residency will conduct through field and inspection tours to determine if these companies do exist and are operating.

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