Expats Infected With Coronavirus To be Denied Entry At Jaber Hospital

There are no expats afflicted with the coronavirus infection treated at the Jaber Hospital, according to Director of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Health District Dr Saud Al-Daraa. He mentioned that the only expatriates at the hospital are in critical condition, and are treated in the intensive care unit (ICU) or those in need of special medical care.

Al- Daraa clarified that any non-Kuwaiti patient, whose condition allows being transferred to other locations, is transferred to hospitals which the ministry has designated for them. He affirmed Jaber Hospital is keen on taking into consideration the humanitarian aspects and providing the necessary medical care for patients without looking at their nationalities.

He said the non-Kuwaiti patients, who are currently receiving medical care in Jaber Hospital, are the same cases that the hospital received at the beginning of the crisis and it is difficult to transfer them because they are in critical condition. He reiterated that besides the aforementioned cases, the hospital does not receive other non-Kuwaiti patients since other hospitals have been allotted to provide them with the necessary medical care.


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