Expats Reluctant To Travel In Fear Of Kuwait Airport Re-shutting

The managers of travel agencies stated that expats reservation for the month of August is very minimal so far despite of Cabinet’s decision to allow expats to enter Kuwait starting from 1st August provided they are vaccinated with approved vaccines in Kuwait (Two doses of Pfizer or AstraZeneca or Moderna or 1 dose of Janssen of Johnson & Johnson)

Expats are reluctant to travel as they fear of repeat scenario of August last year where Kuwait closed the airport and many were stuck in third countries while many had to return back to their home countries.

It is expected that in the first two weeks of August reservation for flights will increase significantly as expats want to be assured that the decision to open the airport is for real and not back down as it has been done in the past.  On other hand, there has been high demand by Kuwaiti citizens who wish to travel abroad in the month of July during Eid Al Adha holiday, reports Al Rai. There has been an increase in ticket prices by 200% for popular destinations to Turkey, Dubai, Cairo, Greece, Riyadh, Maldives while the UK ranked last.

With 12 new destinations opened for travel, Kuwait airport witnessed today the departure of 25 flights carrying 4,000 passengers mostly to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. The Airport’s capacity has been increased from 1,000 passengers to 3,500 passengers last week and this week  5,000 passengers per day.




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