Filipina Displays Abnormal Behavior, Depression Likely Cause

A Filipina’s loud voice broke the silence early Sunday morning in a quiet neighborhood of Farwaniya warning all residents to come out of their homes and witness how Kuwait heads to its end. The 27-year-old Filipina, single mother of two and an employee of ACE Hardware for the past three years was said to have been acting and speaking strangely since the 8th of May after her birthday.

In a phone interview with her landlady disclosed that since the day after her birthday The Filipina has been acting strange. She texted all her office mates with religious commentaries who called her attention as some of them belong to different religions. She immediately blocked everyone and started several heated debates both at work and at home with her housemates pertaining to religion. The landlady noticed her behavior and warned her housemates not to contradict and ignore her actions and words. “They let her join them on daily walks so she could forget whatever problems she is going through and most of the time I talk to her and explain sense to her, she would listen but eventually she will burst into loud voice and started discussions with everyone,” stated landlady.

There were several instances when she would lock herself in a comfort room for hours and scrubbed her body as she claimed a voice tells her to clean herself well. Sunday at three in the morning the Filipina went in the lobby of her building in Farwaniya and started screaming asking everyone to come out as God will destroy Kuwait.

She claimed that she is God’s child and has been commissioned to warn people to believe in God. Some Filipinos attempted to speak to her but were responded with shouts and screams asking them if they believe in God. Police authorities were summoned to the scene and brought her to the police station and later to a mental institution. The case has been reported to Philippines Charges D’ Affaires Mohammad Nordin Lomondot. “We will be looking after her safety and assured the family that the embassy will provide all necessary assistance she will need,” stated CDA Lomondot.

For the past months, a series of suicides committed by Filipinos have been reported and each were said to have been caused by depression. CDA Lomondot urged Filipinos to stay calm, commit to strong faith in God and stay positive every day.

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