Filipino Workers Arrival Delayed – Some Obstacles Remain

Chairperson of Kuwait Domestic Labor Union (KUDLO) Khaled Al-Dakhnan said certain issues might delay the arrival of new Filipino domestic workers; such as the requirement for a new employee, who never worked in any of the Gulf countries before, to complete a training course in a specialized institute, reports Al-Jarida daily. Speaking to the daily, Al-Dakhnan revealed that the number of workers attending one session was reduced due to the corona pandemic and this was reflected in the reduction of job requests. He added another obstacle that slows down the recruitment process is the delayed issuance of passports for workers in Manila, which takes about three months.

He affirmed there has been an agreement with the labor union in the Philippines to immediately address these problems. He expects the arrival of the first batch of workers from the Philippines after the Eid Al-Fitr holiday. He urged the citizens and expatriates, who want to recruit domestic workers, to carefully read the entire tripartite employment contract before signing it in order to know their obligations, duties and rights. He warned that signing the contract means they must adhere to all the terms stipulated therein, confirming the contract is based on Domestic Labor Law No. 68/2015.

He pointed out that tremendous efforts were exerted to push for resumption of the recruitment of new workers, so everyone must abide by the law and the employment contracts to ensure the continuation of the decision to lift the employment ban and no problems arise in the future. He said the union is keen on protecting the rights of domestic workers regardless of their nationality or country of origin. He clarified that the local recruitment offices have nothing to do with the fees specified on the domestic labor platform ‘Besalama’. He said the role of the local recruitment offices is limited to the recruitment costs and making sure that the workers, who arrive in the country, are free of any disease.



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