Finance Min Gives Reasons For Delayed Operations Of Al-Durra

Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Investment Khalifa Hamadeh says there are five reasons for the delay by the Al-Durra Domestic Labor Company in carrying out its objectives, reports Al-Anba daily. In response to a parliamentary question asked by MP Muhalhel Al-Mudhaf in this regard, Hamadeh indicated that the reasons include lack of opening new channels with labor-exporting countries, the lack of solving existing challenges with the labor-supplying countries such as Nepal, and also the poor performance of government agencies, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Public Authority for Manpower, and Ministry of Interior, in concluding contracts and agreements between countries.

The minister stressed that the concerned authorities have been addressed to open new channels with these countries in order to meet all the needs of the Kuwaiti society in this regard, indicating that the government’s role in opening these channels has not been activated so far.

He clarified that Al-Durra Company is a closed joint stock company that does not have diplomatic representation to represent Kuwait abroad and is unable to initiate or conclude agreements between countries directly. The minister presented the explanation given by the Directorate General for Residency Affairs for the countries from where domestic workers are recruited.



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