Flight Takes Off With Just One Covid Positive Passenger On Board, Leaves Other Behind

A plane from Cairo International Airport took off with just one passenger on board after she tested positive for Covid. The 42-year-old Sudanese woman had a positive PCR test result on arrival at Cairo International Airport from Khartoum, Sudan, regional media reported.

The Egyptian Authorities prevented her from entering the country, determining that she should put on a return flight. But the Airport authorities were unable to convince the flight captain to let the woman take her seat allocated in the back of the aircraft, even though she’d be dressed in full PPE.

The flight’s captain refused to let her on board on account of other passengers’ safety.

After five hours of negotiations, it was decided that the woman would fly as the lone passenger on the flight, with travel for all other scheduled passengers cancelled.

Four crew members were on the flight, with eight being transferred to nearby hotels to await the next outgoing flight to Khartoum.



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