Girls Arrested In Kuwait For Putting On Satanic Make-up, Appearing To Drink Blood-like Liquid

A group of girls has been arrested in Kuwait after appearing in a video wearing terrifying teeth and drinking a liquid similar to blood, driven by false beliefs, local media reported.

According to informed sources, the Kuwaiti Anti-Human Trafficking Department received a report about a group of girls indulging in ‘satanic practices’ and sporting demonic teeth during an ‘orgy’ held at an apartment in Abu Halifa.

The girls were seen acting like satanists, enjoying everything forbidden by religions and using magic and witchcraft. Satanists believe Satan will reward them with pleasure and happiness, and after death, they believe they will be sent again to the earth to rule it and enjoy its pleasures.

The Criminal Investigation Department accordingly launched an investigation into the incident and arrested the girls after successfully locating their whereabouts.




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