Going Back To Partial Ban

The Partial Ban Depends On The Increase In Corona Deaths

Government sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that the Council of Ministers decided to continue the list of 34 countries banned from entering the country until further notice, in addition to continuing quarantine for those arriving for two weeks with a daily study of the list and the health status in those countries.

The sources indicated that the government took into account the increase in the number of deaths, stressing the need to implement the law to adhere to health requirements. She pointed out that the partial ban is a decision dependent on the continued increase in deaths in the country and the seriousness of the health conditions due to “Corona”.

On the other hand, and while 34 preventive health centers yesterday continued to receive citizens who wish to receive winter vaccinations, health sources revealed that those wishing to register in advance appointments, through the website designated by the Ministry, faced some technical obstacles, in addition to the fact that no appointments are available. Sometimes.

The sources stressed the need to take winter vaccinations this year, expecting this season to be more dangerous, in light of the coincidence of the Corona epidemic with the onset of seasonal influenza diseases, indicating that the vaccinations will contribute to reducing health complications for the patient when suffering from influenza or “Corona” or both. Together, especially in some segments; Such as the elderly, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, and those suffering from weak immunity, and respiratory problems.


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