Gulf Bank Launches MOUJ Prepaid Card

In partnership with Mastercard, Gulf Bank has launched the new MOUJ Cashback Prepaid card, the first of its kind in the Middle East to offer cashback to its users. Starting today, the new card is available for all Gulf Bank customers and can be requested digitally through Gulf Bank’s Online or Mobile Banking services and in-person at any of the bank’s branches.

With the new MOUJ Cashback Prepaid card, cardholders can earn up to 5% cashback on all their purchases locally and internationally throughout the year. Customers who use their Knet/debit card for purchases across coops, retail, shopping, dining and more can now switch to using the new MOUJ Cashback Prepaid to avail up to KD 600 cashback each year.

Moreover, customers can also benefit from discounts at their favorite stores and restaurants, with more than 850 outlets across Kuwait to choose from. For a quicker and more convenient shopping experience, Gulf Bank’s MOUJ Cashback Prepaid card is also equipped with NFC technology, allowing cardholders to enjoy contactless transactions, without the hassle of inserting or swiping their cards at check-out.

On this occasion, Mohammad Al-Qattan, General Manager of Consumer Banking at Gulf Bank, said: “Customer experience is always among our top priorities at Gulf Bank, and we are always keen to provide only the best and most innovative products to our customers. We are excited to collaborate, once again, with our partners at Mastercard, to introduce the newest addition to our selection of products with unique benefits for our customers: Gulf Bank’s new Mastercard MOUJ Cashback Prepaid card, the first prepaid bank card in the Middle East to offer a cashback feature. Starting today, all MOUJ Cashback Prepaid cardholders can enjoy cashback of up to KD 600 annually on all purchases across retail, coops, supermarkets, electronics, dining, and more, and on all travel spends including flights, hotels, and shopping — both locally and internationally. Cardholders can also avail multiple instant discounts across various restaurants and retail outlets. In addition, the new card is designed to be suitable for the use of all family members, including children, and allows cardholders to load their cards with the amounts of their choosing in order to monitor expenses. For all these reasons and more, we would like to invite all our Gulf Bank customers to apply for the new MOUJ Cashback Prepaid card and enjoy everything it has to offer.”

The Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank, Ahmad Al Amir, also added: “Our keenness on innovation and excellence has always been an integral part of our daily operations at Gulf Bank. At Gulf Bank, we are very proud of our proactive approach in providing services that give back to our customers, benefiting them at every turn, and providing them with a distinctive, simple and swift banking experience that is unparalleled in terms of security and quality of service. We promise our customers even more developments that will continue to solidify our pioneering position as the Kuwaiti Bank of the Future.”

Gulf Bank’s Deputy General Manager, Consumer Banking-Marketing, Najla Aleisa, commented: “With the launch of our new MOUJ Cashback Prepaid card, Gulf Bank is distinguishing its clients with a card that rewards them for every purchase. As the most rewarding bank in Kuwait, Gulf Bank is offering MOUJ Cashback Prepaid cardholders with 5% cashback, equivalent to KD 600 per year, a lifetime benefit that our clients can enjoy year after year. We would also like to encourage those interested to apply for the card as soon as they can, as Gulf Bank is waiving annual and issuance fees for customers who apply for the card until August 31st 2021. MOUJ is the perfect fit for every family member, and is easy to load anytime, anywhere using the Gulf Bank app.”

On the inspiration behind the MOUJ Cashback Prepaid card and its design, Aleisa continued: “Gulf Bank has been an integral part of Kuwait and our local community for over 60 years. Today, we celebrate this history with the launch of our MOUJ Cashback Prepaid Card, whose design consists of six layers of waves, each representing a decade in which Gulf Bank has operated, and reflects the Bank’s maritime identity and our local love of the sea. The name is also inspired by the new prepaid card’s unique selling proposition of up to 5% cashback — just like the sea, the new MOUJ card rewards and gives back to those who experience it.”

“Mastercard is continuously working to introduce innovative products and solutions designed with the consumers’ needs in mind. We are pleased to partner with Gulf Bank to rollout the new MOUJ Cashback Prepaid card in a bid to reward and delight consumers across Kuwait by giving them exciting discounts and experiences. Through this partnership, we are committed to further advancing the digital payments landscape across the country and region so that consumers can have a safe, easier and more convenient way to pay, every day,” said Nadia Ghissassi, Country Manager, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait & Iraq, Mastercard.

It is worth noting that Gulf Bank’s MOUJ Cashback Prepaid cardholders can also enjoy discounts of up to 25% at more than 550 renowned restaurants and cafes in Kuwait. Cardholders can also avail instant discounts of up to 30% at more than 300 retail outlets across travel, entertainment, health, beauty, and lifestyle segments. The card is also equipped with fraud protection with Gulf Bank’s 3D secure feature for a safer online shopping experience.

To learn more visit one of the Bank’s branches, or visit the Gulf Bank website at www.e-gulfbank.com. Customers can also use the WhatsApp service on 1805805 for round-the-clock assistance from Gulf Bank representatives, or call the Customer Contact Center on the same number.




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