Heavy Fine, 3-yrs Jail

Director of Public Relations at the Environment Public Authority (EPA), Sheikha Al-Ibrahim said that the authority is using various means to inform residents about environmental guidelines and how to preserve the environment in order to fall foul with the law and end up paying fines.

She told the daily the EPA has placed a large number of informational advertisements along Kuwait Bay, warning against activities that are prohibited because the area is of special nature. She pointed out that the law punishes anyone who violates these laws and the fines can reach up to 50,000 dinars or imprisonment for three years. She explained that the environmentally burdensome violations necessitate the exhaustion of all means to put an end to these violations, and pointed out that hunting of all marine organisms is prohibited in the lagoons except after obtaining a license. However, certain fishing tools are also prohibited, and driving vehicles in prohibited areas along the coast. It is also prohibited to practice any environmentally harmful activity such as cutting trees or sabotaging crops.


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