India Covid Crisis: Pakistanis Urge PM Imran Khan To Send Oxygen To Indian Hospitals

Pakistani citizens are urging their Prime Minister to send oxygen and other medical supplies to India.

According to NDTV, IndiaNeedsOxygen was trending on Pakistani Twitter on Friday with users urging PM Imran Khan to aid Indian hospitals amid the current Covid crisis and oxygen shortage.

One user shared a heartfelt plea to the Prime Minister, accompanied by a heartbreaking video of distressed relatives of Covid patients affected by the shortage.

Apart from asking the PM for help, another user further reiterated the importance of wearing masks to help end the pandemic.

India is witnessing an unprecedented crisis in the supply of medical oxygen as the number of critical covid cases is rising exponentially.

Several hospitals have put out SOS messages on Twitter asking for help with oxygen supply to save patients. The matter reached the high courts and Supreme Court.



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