India Records 6,148 Deaths From COVID-19 In Past 24 Hours

India on Thursday reported a record daily rise of 6,148 deaths from COVID-19 over the past 24 hours, and 94,052 new daily coronavirus cases.

The country’s total COVID-19 case load now stands at 29.2 million, while total fatalities are at 359,676, according to data from the health ministry.

The steep rise in the toll follows the Bihar Health Department’s revision of deaths in the state. It said COVID-19 had killed 9,429 people in Bihar, about 72% higher than its previous reported death toll.

While authorities didn’t specify when the deaths occurred, Patna district, which houses the capital city, reported the highest number of deaths at 862, according to a statement posted on the government’s Twitter account.

The Patna High Court last month expressed concern about inconsistency in the death toll presented by government officials in separate affidavits, media reports said.




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