India To Ease Lockdown Rules As Coronavirus Cases Drop

Today, India announced the registration of 114,460 new infections with the emerging coronavirus, the lowest number in two months, and an increase in the number of deaths by 2,677, while regions in the country prepared to ease movement restrictions imposed to combat the pandemic.

India has the second highest number of corona infections in the world after the United States, as data from the Ministry of Health show that the total number reached 28 million and 800 thousand cases, while the total deaths amounted to 346,759.

A second wave of the disease that swept the country’s rural areas has not yet subsided, but the capital, New Delhi, and other cities are working to allow more businesses and companies to return to their activities and ease movement restrictions, starting from Monday.

The western state of Maharashtra, which is India’s richest state and suffered the highest number of infections in the second wave, plans to start this week in stages to ease strict public isolation measures imposed in April.

Scientists have warned that a third wave of corona may hit India later this year and will likely affect children more.

Although Indian authorities have ramped up immunization efforts in the past few weeks after a slow start, the majority of its population of about 1.3 billion are expected to remain unvaccinated to prevent the disease before a possible third wave.


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