Indian Embassy Continues Registration Of Stranded Indians

Indian Embassy in Kuwait continues the special registration drive to address issues faced by stranded Indian nationals who have not been able to return to Kuwait on account of the prevailing restrictions related to COVID-19 pandemic.

This registration drive is for all those stranded Indian nationals who are facing various issues on account of COVID-19 related travel restrictions. These may include those who have had their residencies expired during their stay in India, those who have lost their jobs due to non-return, those who have their house belongings in Kuwait, those whose family members are in Kuwait, those who are looking to rejoin their duties, those who have not received their salary dues/indemnities and so on. All those who registered in the earlier drive conducted in 2020 may also register for this drive by filling in the google form online (https://forms.gle/sExZK1GKW36BLpVz7).

The purpose of this registration drive is to gather updated information on the affected nationals for necessary coordination and follow-up with the concerned authorities of the State of Kuwait to appropriately address the issues, Embassy said.



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