Internet Service Providers In Kuwait

Nowadays, the internet has become unavoidable in our day by day life. It makes our life easy, quick and simple. Use of the internet in our daily life depends on individual requirements and goals.

If you are new in Kuwait and looking for an Internet service providers in Kuwait then you are at the right place. Here we have listed some of Internet Service Provider in Kuwait.

1. Kems

Kems was founded in 1992, and it was the first official Internet Service Provider licensed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Communications to provide connectivity to clients all over in Kuwait.

Services: ADSL, GPON, WiFi, Home Security.

Price Card: 

KEMS kuwait internet speed and price card

KEMS Kuwait Location and Contact Details:

Kems – Kuwait City

Kems – Egaila

Kems – Jahra

Kems – Hawally

Kems – Al Rai

Kems – Shuwaikh

Kems – Salmiya


2. Bonline

BOnline provides High Speed Internet benefits that addresses the present rich web applications’ issues. Regardless of whether you utilize the Internet to transfer HD recordings, play online gaming, or you want to connect with your friends and family through social media services, BOnline offers ultimate experience through an advanced technologies with speeds up to 100Mbps to your home.

Services: Broadband, WiFi.

Price Card: 

Bonline kuwait internet broadband price card

Bonline Location and Contact Details:

Gulfnet – Kuwait City

Gulfnet – Marinamall


3. Qualitynet

Qualitynet was founded by STC in 2019. It is an internet service provider in Kuwait. It provides internet services to residential as well as business customers too.

Services: Internet, Broadband.

Qualitynet Location and Contact Details:

Qualitynet – Sharq

Qualitynet – Jahra


4. Zajil Kuwait

Zajil’s Internet Access service gives exceptionally strong public Internet network to clients across Kuwait. Zajil gives capacity, low latency Internet connectivity to its clients by means of its own completely versatile Internet backbone network.

Services: Internet, Broadband, WiFi.

Zajil Kuwait Location and Contact Details: 

Zajil International Telecom Company

Zajil Telecom Co – Kuwait City


5. FastTelco

 FAST Telecommunication Company (FASTtelco) is the leading Telecom Service Provider in Kuwait. They provide turnkey Internet, local and international data communication solutions as well as local and international termination services for foreign carriers.

Services: ADSL, GPON, Internet services, Data communication, Turnkey solutions.

Price Card:

FasTtelco internet subscription charges in kuwait

FasTtelco internet subscription charges in kuwait

FasTtelco internet subscription charges in kuwait

FasTtelco internet subscription charges in kuwait

FASTtelco Kuwait Locations and Contact Details:

Fasttelco – Farwaniya

Fasttelco – Hawally

Fasttelco – Fahaheel

Fasttelco – Sharq

Fast Telecommunication Company

Fasttelco – Jahra


6. Mada Communications

Mada Communication Company is the authorized Wireless Internet Service Provider in Kuwait. Company’s central goal is to dominate in ICT (information and communication technology) and for that they are continuously improving their internal quality of service.

Services: Corporate Wireless Intranet, Corporate Wireless Internet, ISDN, Value Added Services.

Mada Communications Locations and Contact Details:

Mada Communication Company – Hawaly


Let us know if we have missed something or we have mistaken in our comment box. Your suggestions are important for us.

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