Jazeera Airways Announces Schedule To 20 Destinations Starting August 1

Jazeera Airways today announced its schedule for the six-month period starting from August 1, 2020, revealing flights to 20 destinations, including high-demand cities of Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, Istanbul and Amman.

Jazeera Airways Chief Executive Officer, Rohit Ramachandran, said: “We are all very pleased to be resuming our flights and serving our customers after a suspension of over four months at Kuwait International Airport. During this period, we continued to operate by supporting repatriation and expatriation flights. Now we can welcome citizens and residents who want to travel out and back into Kuwait. We anticipate demand will be strong in August and our schedule focuses on the most desirable routes – whether people want to fly to visit the family or for medical, touristic and business purposes.’’

“We’ve implemented a range of health and safety measures in our terminal T5 and on-board our aircraft, to ensure the wellbeing of our passengers. Aircraft cabins are particularly safe environments with highly efficient air filters which remove 99.97% of airborne microbes.’’

Jazeera Airways schedule

Destination Frequency Departure from Kuwait

(local time)

Dubai Daily 12:10

Riyadh Thursday, Saturday 11:20

Amman Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 20:00

Beirut Wednesday, Friday 11:15

Istanbul, IST Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 08:25

Sabiha Gokcen Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 09:50

Bodrum Tuesday, Saturday 10:30

Mumbai Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday 20:10

Hyderabad Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 18:30

Cochin Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 17:50

Ahmedabad Monday, Wednesday 22:25

Delhi Tuesday, Thursday 00:45

Baku Friday, Sunday 09:25

Tbilisi Tuesday, Saturday 11:40

Assiut Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 23:30

Luxor Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 23:55

Sohag Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 22:00

Alexandria Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 21:00

Cairo Daily 16:25

Sharm El Sheikh Thursday, Saturday 16:30

Safe check-in procedures

Passengers must check-in online and download their boarding pass on the Jazeera App or print it from the website.

Check-in is also available up to 48 hours prior to the flight departure at the T5 Car Park, where passengers can drop their baggage and collect their boarding pass. When arriving at T5, passengers can proceed directly to immigration.

Aircraft and terminal disinfection

The airline performs an anti-viral disinfection program in which it sprays the cabins after each flight, as well as fumigates them using anti-viral high pressure disinfection sprays on seats and throughout the cabin. Disinfectant chemicals used are internationally approved and safe for all passengers. The aircraft’s air filters in on-board filtration systems are also replaced frequently, removing dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses and other irritating particles. Constant airflow ensures that the cabin air is refreshed every 90 minutes throughout the flight.

Precautionary measures

Jazeera Airways’ crew full protective gear which is disinfected before boarding flights. A second disinfection is performed when disembarking.

Passengers are mandated to wear medical face masks and gloves at all times. Supported by Kuwaiti non-profit organizations, passengers receive a hygiene pack and pre-packed closed food bags to avoid risk of contamination.

Social distancing markers are on the floor throughout the terminal to maintain a safe distance from other passengers.

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