KD 538 Million To Support National Workers In The Private Sector Annually

A government study on the implications of the Corona crisis on the labor market showed that the annual value of supporting national workers in the private sector amounts to about KD 538 million, which is approximately KD 44.8 million per month, Al-Rai reported.

71,800 National workers are employed in the private sector, representing 4.1 percent of the total employment in the private sector.

According to the study, 79.4 percent of the total amount that is KD 35.6 million per month is spent on registered national workers under Chapter Three, while about 9.2 million dinars per month, or 20.6 percent is spent on registered national workers under Chapter Five.

As for the wage categories, the majority of workers come within the wage categories greater than or equal to 480 dinars, about 27,500 workers that makeup about 48 percent of the total national employment in Chapter Three.

26,500 workers or 46.2 percent of the total workers are within the wage categories of less than KD 359 dinars.

Concerning the relative distribution of the numbers of national workers according to the sectors of the main occupations and registration with the General Organization for Social Insurance, the available data indicate that the number of national workers registered in Chapter Three is about 57,300 workers, which is 79.8% of the total numbers of national workers in the private sector, while the number of employment The national registered on Chapter Five is about 14,500 workers.

39.3 % of Kuwaitis employed in the private sector work in wholesale and retail trade, restaurants, and hotels while 24.3% of Kuwaitis work in the finance, insurance, real estate, and business services sector. 12.6% carry out social and personal services.



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