KOC Receives Offers For Four pipeline Projects

The Kuwait Oil Company has received offers for the implementation of 4 huge pipeline projects worth 17.6 million dinars, reports a reliable oil source. The source said the first contract is worth 4.84 million dinars for the construction of a fl ow line from 32 gathering centers to West Kuwait, the second is worth 4.47 million dinars for the construction of a fl ow line from the Burgan field to the Al-Maqwa area, the third is 3.99 million dinars to establish a flow line in West Kuwait and the fourth is 4.3 million dinars to establish a network of lines in western Kuwait to new oil fields. The source stated the local companies are the lowest bidders in these 4 contracts.

These companies include the Combined Group for Contracting, the Heavy Engineering Industries Company for Shipbuilding, the Mechanical Engineering and Contracting Company and the Al-Meer Technical Services Company. These are four out of 11 projects that the KOC intends to implement during the next phase. The 11 projects are valued at 205 million dinars.



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