Kuwait: Around 1.5 Million Expats Expected to Leave by 2020 End

With Kuwait International Airport operating at 15% of its capacity, a large number of expats around 158,031 departed from 16th March till 9th July from Kuwait. The departures are expected to rise to around 1.5 million by the end of this year.

The main reason for expats to depart from Kuwait is due to a financial situations as many private sector companies have terminated their staff due to financial losses in the last 4 months related to the Corona crisis. Besides this, the government policy to increase Kuwaitization mainly in public sector contributed to pushing out expats who bundled up their belonging and returned back to their homeland to settle with their families.

The source from Civil Aviation stated that from March 16 to July 9 (116 days) 15,8031 expats departed through 993 flights to their home countries. Egyptian and Indian communities made up the large number of expatriates who left the country.

DGCA has issued instructions to all airlines, service providers, and passengers to adhere to health aspects, keeping social distancing between passengers, wearing masks and gloves, measuring temperature for all travelers, and applying all safety conditions and setting up barriers.

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