Kuwait Brings In Domestic Workers And Prevents Expatriates With A Valid Residency From Entering

Kuwait’s decision regarding preventing non-Kuwaitis from entering the country, and extending it several times has left negative repercussions on various sectors and the labor market in the private sector, Al Jarida reported.

The severe shortage of expatriate workers is the most prominent manifestation of this crisis, which is caused by several reasons, the most important of which is the suspension of work permits for those coming from abroad for long periods, as well as preventing valid residency holders from returning to the country and carrying out their work and jobs.

Informed security sources told the daily that the closure decision has prevented the return of 468,000 residents stranded outside the country and residency of 205,000expatriates expired due to the pandemic.

The sources indicate that the closure of the country caused more than half a million expatriates to leave the work and production cycle.

The Corona Emergency Committee in the Council of Ministers believe that reopening Kuwait would reopen borders to expatriate after achieving community immunity and vaccinating about 70% of society, vaccination process may extend to the last quarter of this year.

Other sources confirm to the daily that there is no justification for the government to allow the entry of domestic workers without other groups that may have priority in the measures of need for their services. Further explaining that there is no dispute over the importance of maintaining health security in the country, besieging the epidemic, and preventing the spread of disease.

In this context, the sources call for standardization in dealing with expatriate workers, noting that the new domestic workers do not have residence permits, while those stuck abroad have valid residency permits, and therefore they should be allowed to return with adhering to strict health requirements.



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