Kuwait Cabinet Renews Call For Cooperation With Parliament

The Kuwaiti government on Tuesday renewed its call for necessary fruitful cooperation with the parliament through respecting the Constitution, bylaw, and parliamentary norms so as to meet the aspirations of the Kuwaiti people.

The absence of government in the planned parliamentary session earlier in the day aimed to avoid partaking in matters that may lead to the deterioration of the parliamentary practice, Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Mubarak Al-Harees said in a speech broadcast by the Kuwaiti TV.

The government affirmed that such growing unprecedented wrong practices made by some MPs, in violation of the Constitution and parliamentary norms, impede the planned action and explicitly refute the allegations of some lawmakers that the government obstructs holding the National Assembly’s sessions, he added.

Responding to National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim’s invitation to attend the regular session planned today, the government attended to take part in the completion of the agenda’s topics, topped with discussing the interpellation submitted against the Minister of Health, and approving two bills on amending audiovisual and the publication laws as well as others, he noted. The government got surprised when some MPs sat on the seats allocated to the Ministers and the Prime Minister in violation of the customs in order to disrupt the holding of the session, he elaborated. He pointed out that this also violates the established parliamentary traditions and norms in all parliaments of the world. Al-Ghanim suspended the regular session earlier in the day, as the government was absent after MPs occupied the seats allocated to the Prime Minister and the Ministers.



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