Kuwait Close To Two Million Vaccine Doses

Kuwait is a few steps away from reaching a milestone goal of 2 million vaccine doses against the coronavirus distributed to citizens and expats of the country, Al Qabas daily reported.

Health officials informed Al-Qabas daily that the total number of doses including the two vaccine doses that vaccinated the recipients in the country exceeded 1,922,000 doses until yesterday afternoon. This highlights that the pace of vaccinations has accelerated in the recent period, with Pfizer vaccine shipments arriving almost weekly. The Ministry of Health is intensifying its efforts to vaccinate about 70% of the country’s population to achieve community immunity in the shortest period of time, contain the epidemic and halt its spread among segments of society. These officials emphasized that the vaccination campaigns have begun to show results with signs of improvement in the epidemiological situation of the country, particularly the recent positive indicators showing a decrease in the number of deaths and infections from the coronavirus, in addition to the remarkable decrease in the number of Coronavirus patients to the ICU.

On the possibility of adopting and importing other vaccines other than Pfizer and Oxford, the officials confirmed that Moderna vaccine is nearing the final stage for approval prior to registration in the next stage, stressing that the Ministry will not approve vaccines whose effectiveness and safety have not been verified by published scientific studies.

It pointed to the issues arising in some countries who decided to give an additional third dose of some vaccines unapproved in Kuwait to combat the coronavirus, at least 6 months after people received the second dose.



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