Kuwait-Egypt Direct Flights ‘maybe’

Director of the Air Transport Department at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Abdullah Al-Rajhi said the DGCA has asked the health authorities to look into the possibility of resuming the operation of commercial fl ights to and from Egypt as per the request of the national carriers, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Rajhi disclosed the communication with the health authorities came after the national carriers submitted a request to resume the Kuwait-Egypt- Kuwait direct flights with the aim of reviving the commercial aviation traffic movement, especially since many Kuwaiti students in Egypt want to return directly to the country without going through transit stations. He added the request includes compliance with health regulations for all citizens entering the country, pointing out the resumption of commercial operation with Egypt does not signal the return of expatriates to the country.

Rather, the circulars of DGCA on allowing the entry of Kuwaitis, their firstdegree relatives and their companions – domestic workers – are still in effect, he stressed. Asked if the Egyptian airlines submitted a request to reopen commercial fl ights with Kuwait, he clarified this will be allowed only if the health authorities or Council of Ministers approve the resumption of Kuwait Airways Corporations’ Kuwait-Egypt-Kuwait route to transport Kuwaitis studying in Egypt. The Egyptian side may resume the operation for the Egyptians residing in Kuwait to travel to their homeland, he added.



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