Kuwait To Return To Normalcy In August

The government approved a plan for gradual return to normal life in the country in 5 stages each of which takes 3 weeks, so a total of 15 weeks. And if things go as planned and everyone is committed with health conditions and precautions, a full return to normalcy will take place in the middle of next August.

The plan takes into account the health, economic, social and security factors, and the transition between the stages is based on the achieved results. Meaning that if the data and the required conditions are met, the rules will be made less stringent and vice versa if the required. If the results are not achieved, then will return to the strictest stage.

The factors of success at each stage are summarized by adherence to the anti-coronavirus health requirements, the most important of which are:

Social distance of no less than two meters
Covering the nose and mouth
Washing and sterilizing hands constantly
Not leaving the house except for necessity and need
Dealing with the highest levels of precaution with the elderly and those suffering from Chronic and respiratory diseases.
With regard to quarantine areas, stages may change according to the infection registration index in them, ie Isolation can be removed or isolation of new areas in the first and second stages (6 weeks), provided that in the third stage the need is assessed for total lockdown.


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