Kuwaiti ‘drug Addict’ Documents Accident

Securitymen have taken into custody a Kuwaiti for admitting to consuming narcotics via ‘Snapchat’ and saying again and again that he wants to see the Minister of Interior. The man is seen getting into his car and colliding with another vehicle on the King Fahd Road which resulted in the death of an Asian. The incident is documented live on the Snapchat. The victim’s body has been referred to Forensics medicine and the suspect has been arrested and taken to hospital under heavy security guard. Several cases have been registered against him.

The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry stated the suspect after he is discharged from hospital will be referred to the concerned authority and legal measures will be taken against him. Security sources have called on parents to monitor the behavior of their children and to report to the authorities if they see anything weird, stressing that drug users do not realize what they are doing and therefore commit crimes, the most recent of was the death of an Asian pedestrian, the recent run-over accident which killed a police patrolman manning the checkpost.



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