Kuwaiti Gets 4-years Jail For Blackmailing Woman

The Criminal Court sentenced a citizen to four years in prison with hard labor for blackmailing a female compatriot and demanding KD20,000 in exchange for her photos. The court also ordered confiscation of the defendant’s telephone and payment of KD3,000 compensation to the plaintiff.

Case files indicate that the defendant had a relationship with the plaintiff and he hacked her account on the social networking program ‘Snapchat’ by sending a link to her. He took all her pictures and published them by creating other accounts under her name. He then blackmailed her, demanding for KD20,000 in exchange for deleting the photos. Lawyer for the plaintiff, Attorney Mustafa Mulla Youssef, presented the evidence in court proving the crime that the defendant committed. The lawyer urged the court to impose maximum penalty for the defendant.



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