Kuwaiti Man Held For Smoking In Ramadan, Attacking Cop

A Kuwaiti man has landed himself in double trouble at a police station. He is facing charges of smoking in public during the fasting hours in the holy Islamic month of Ramadan and assaulting a policeman.

It all started when the man, aged 38 years, showed up at the police station in connection with a dispute with another man, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported.

As procedures were being taken, the man started smoking. When the policeman on duty notified him that he had committed a legal violation by smoking in public during the fasting time, the offender physically assaulted him, and attempted to flee from the place. But he was arrested and kept in custody pending an investigation into a double case of breaking the fasting rules and attacking a policeman. The incident was reportedly caught on the surveillance cameras installed at the police station.

Eating in public during the Ramadan fasting time is banned in Kuwait and punishable by a fine of KD100 and a maximum jail term of one month.

During the dawn-to-dusk fasting, Muslims must refrain from eating, drinking and smoking.



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