Kuwaiti MP Proposes Death For Witchcraft

A Kuwaiti lawmaker has proposed a draft bill demanding capital punishment for practicing witchcraft and alleged communication with and manipulation of the jinn to wreak harm on others.

MP Fayez Al Jumhur added that he has presented the draft to the parliament that also proposes penalties of five years in prison and a fine of KD10,000 or one of the two penalties to be applied to any person found guilty of resorting to sorcerers with the intention of causing harm to others.

The parliamentarian explained that his proposals come due to the proliferation of practices of sorcery and quackery by “some deviants” who dupe people by claiming to wield uncanny powers in fulfilling wishes, curating serious ailments, and inflicting harm on others.

“This bodily harm could lead to death or permanent impairment. This is done by the use of fraudulent and deceptive methods that run counter to the Islamic Sharai,” he was quoted by saying in the local media.


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