Kuwait’s Cases Drop Below 1,000 For First Time Since February 28

After more than two months of daily COVID-19 cases surpassing 1,000, on Sunday Kuwait recorded 992 a decrease compared to past two-months.

There has also been a decrease in Intensive Care Units (ICU) patients, 210 on Sunday, compared to a month ago where the average was around 250.

In addition, on Friday Kuwait recorded the lowest percentage of positive cases to swabs conducted bringing it to 12.59 per cent compared to the 16 per cent average of the past month.

Last week, Dr. Khaled Al Jarallah, head of the COVID-19 committee at the Ministry of Health, revealed that the majority of positive cases and ICU patients are non-Kuwaitis.

He added that the way to contain the health situation and move past the pandemic is to ensure that community vaccination is achieved. So far, around 35 per cent of residents and citizens have received at least one jab of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Possible opening

The Cabinet of Ministers are expected to announce whether COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted before the end of Ramadan.

Health officials have stated that the stabilizing health situation might lead to the removal of the two-month long partial curfew that the government imposed back on March 7 to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Several other activities are likely to resume, like in-door dining that have been banned for almost three months.



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