Lifting Of Isolation From Mahboula And Farwaniya; Second Stage Plans

It is widely expected that the cabinet on Thursday will announce the transition to the second stage within a plan to return to normal life after the first stage was extended by a week.

New curfew timings

This move comes after improving in indicators to moving in from one stage to another. The second stage will start from Sunday, with partial curfew to be reduced from 9 pm to 5 am, and government institutions and ministries will resume their work at 30% of the workforce, visitors will be allowed based on prior appointment via registration and will need to get a barcode.

At the same time, reopening of malls and supermarkets from 8 am morning until 7 pm, those below 15 yrs will be prevented from entering in the malls.

Isolation to be removed

There is no intention to impose isolation on any new areas except those that are currently under isolation. The indication is that there are high possibilities of lifting isolation from Farwaniya and Mahboula while keeping it only on Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh.

Most of the institutional quarries will remain under the supervision of the Ministry of Health in view of the global fears of the possibility of a second wave of the epidemic in the coming September or October, the sources alluded to the possibilities of handing over the quarantine areas like Khiran and others within two weeks after the number of those in it decreased to about 250 people.

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