Mahboula residents Facing Lot of Issues Due To Isolation

A large number of residents in Mahboula complained about the hardship they have been facing due to strict isolation in their areas. The isolation has only prolonged their suffering and has doubled their problems as they have been living without jobs, nor salaries nor any sort of income to run their livelihood. Many have become dependent on begging or forced to depend on aid from charitable societies or borrowing or taking food from groceries on credit.

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Many of the workers stated that their financial ability to continue has ended as they have not been paid salaries for last 4 months or financial dues which they were supposed to receive. Many workers stated that they are in debt from the groceries, whose owners know what they are going through due to the isolation and lack of any source of income.

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The charities have been present in the region where they continue to distribute food. Two days before Nama foundation society distributed 5,800 food baskets, including 3,000 baskets for the Nama Foundation of the Reform Society.

The activity manager of the Abdullah Al-Nuri Charitable Society, Abdul Hadi Al-Rashed, stated that they participated in the distribution of a thousand food baskets. The charity society distributed 1,800 food parcels and 6,000 bags of bread to the residents of Mahboula, and the director of the association’s public relations department, Omar Al-Thuwaini, confirmed that the association’s efforts are continuing to provide relief to the affected people.

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The Special Forces were helping in for smooth flow for distribution of food baskets and bread to the resident of Mahboula so that maximum people would benefit from combined charity organizations who have taken the task to feed the hungry.

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