The latest statistics issued by the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy revealed that the current installed production capacity of groundwater wells has reached about 150 million imperial gallons per day, noting that the maximum daily consumption of that water during the summer of 2020 amounted to about 60.878 million gallons, pointing out that the ministry provides this Water is currently for about 76,208 consumers.

The statistics indicated that the Ministry delivered brackish water to consumers through a network parallel to the drinking water distribution network, indicating that this water is also used in various fields such as mixing with distilled water in water production plants, irrigation and cosmetic agriculture. , and other domestic uses, as well as in watering livestock and construction work.


they pointed out that “Electricity” has various programs in the process of implementing it to raise the production capacity of that water by developing new fields to exploit the brackish groundwater in the areas northwest of the Shaqaya fields, northwest and northeast of the “Umm Qadeer” field, in addition to developing the Sulaibiya field. the parties”

Water storage

they explained that the ministry has established 15 towers, each with a capacity of 661,000 imperial gallons (3,000 cubic meters), distributed over all regions of Kuwait, with the aim of ensuring constant pressure in the distribution network, and facing consumption during maximum consumption periods, pointing out that the capacity of the towers for low-salinity water is currently 9,915. Millions of imperial gallons.

they pointed out that the total capacity of ground storage in Kuwait is 537.8 million gallons, and the operation and maintenance of wells to reduce surface water levels in electrical substations, in addition to 127 wells spread in various places in the country.




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