Ministry Of Interior: 2.7 Million Online Residency Transactions Completed Since The Launch Of The Service

Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The General Department of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of the Interior revealed that 2.7 million residence transactions have been completed through the “Online” service through the Ministry’s website since the service was launched last year.

In a press statement, the administration said that due to the current conditions that the country is going through in the face of the spread of the new Corona virus and the application of health requirements, and in the interest of the health of citizens and residents, and in accordance with the efforts made by the security establishment to develop its service sectors, it continues to receive auditors who wish to terminate their services through the Internet. Through the Ministry of Interior website www.moi.gov.kw.

They explained that the General Administration for Information Systems announced, through the statistics of special operations, that the residency transactions were completed through the “Online” service through the Ministry of Interior website since the date of launching the service, as the number reached 2,732,944 transactions, as was the total of what was received and accomplished from The statistic for the appointment platform to terminate transactions is 1,001.726 transactions.

They indicated that in case of any inquiries, please contact the General Administration of Information Systems e-mail: infogdis@moi.gov.kw



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